The Plot

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a very funny book. The author Sherman Alexie uses humor and grief in his story. Very weird combination right? What is so funny about grief? The plot is not a very complex one but here is how it goes.

We start with the Exposition of this story, Junior (or Arnold Spirit) introduces us about who he is and all the people around his life. He is a Spokane Indian living on a reservation. After Junior smashes Mr. P's face with a geometry book, Mr. P gives Junior a long speech saying for him to leave the reservation and achieve his dreams. He says you must transfer to Reardan if you want a better goal.

The Rising action is huge in this story. Junior decides to transfer to Reardan but is not so famous with his reservation afterwards. Junior "loses" his best friend Rowdy after Rowdy becomes upset that Junior is leaving. Reardan is about 20-30 miles away from the reservation plus his family is poor so Junior's commute is not always constant. Rowdy adjusts harshly to his new school he made some friends (one by punching a huge athletic guy named Rodger) he also meets Penelope, who is sort-of his girlfriend, and then he meets Gordy. Junior established more of his popularity by trying out for basketball and is suddenly a starting varsity player as a freshman. Plus his sister ran away to Montana after meeting another Indian for five minutes. 

The climax of this story is rather wide and is not really confined to a single event in the book. The highpoint of this book is a mix of the rematch game between Reardan and Wellpinit and with all of the sudden deaths surrounding and relating to Junior. Grandma Spirit (Junior's grandma) died when a drunk driver hit her and Eugene (Junior's dad's best friend) died when someone shot him in the face for the last drink of alcohol. In the game Junior took the ball away from Rowdy on a fast break and then shot a three pointer for the first points of the game. Plus later after the game while Junior is at school, he is informed that his sister perished in a fire. All together that is three deaths in a couple of months. The combination of these events had huge effects on Junior's life.

The Falling action is after the huge game. Reardan has won and things are winding down to summer for Junior. He finishes very strongly at Reardan academically and has earned almost everybody's respect. Sadly Reardan loses in the playoffs for basketball.   

The Ending is followed by Rowdy and Junior playing basketball at the Wellpinit basketball goals all day and into the night.


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